Our Reliable Construction Service Includes Quality Carpentry

Need superior-grade carpentry elements that can withstand the test of time? Do you have any plans to replace the damaged cabinets or trim in your home? Whatever the situation, you can count on our diligent and competent staff at Pelayos Construction to give you the top-notch carpentry work you need. We provide clients in Edmonds, WA who need a custom construction service with reasonably-priced options.

Benefit From Quality Carpentry

Don’t spend any more time and call qualified carpentry specialists right away if your house needs urgent repairs or stunning new carpentry elements. Carpentry is versatile and can include new elements such as durable and appealing floors, a lovely trim to decorate a room or effective repairs for existing wooden items. We can better address your specific needs because we are experienced and qualified. The carpentry work we do is sure to stand the test of time.

Construction Service in Edmonds, WA

We Have an Efficient Working Process

Installations, repairs, and replacements are just a few of the carpentry projects that our custom services can help with. Hire a highly trained and reliable carpentry crew like us to get the excellent results you and your property are deserving of. Working with us will enable you to save money due to our cost-effective services. You can anticipate a longer-lasting and more joyful addition that is tailor-made to your precise needs. you use our first-rate services.

Call (425) 380-5583 and Reach the Professional Construction Service in Edmonds, WA

Utilize the unique carpentry services that Pelayos Construction can provide as your go-to construction service provider. Please, feel free to set up an appointment with our reputable company and entrust us with your project in Edmonds, WA. If you have any initial questions, do get in touch with us at (425) 380-5583 as soon as possible. We’ll be available for projects of different scales! We look forward to your call!

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