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Do you have anxiety before entering your home in Edmonds, WA? Because of your interior’s drab design, are you thinking about moving? Try home remodeling before you start moving your belongings. It is significantly less expensive than moving to a new location. Your home can be improved to become more functional and aesthetically pleasing with the aid of Pelayos Construction. You should pay close attention to what we say if you want to know how we can help you out. As a trusted construction contractor, we offer quality remodeling services.

Construction Contractor in Edmonds, WA

Remodeling a Kitchen

One of our most sought-after home remodeling services is this one. A great kitchen remodel can significantly raise your home’s resale value if you’re selling, but an outdated kitchen can drive away potential buyers.

In order to begin this project, a thorough design would be made. Using the “golden kitchen triangle,” we can improve the efficiency of your kitchen. By dividing the three primary kitchen workstations, this will clear the obstacles in your path. If you approve of this plan, we will start performing minor demolition work. We would build above cabinets in place of clunky storage places that take up a lot of room. By doing this, you will not only remove obstacles but also gain extra space.

We can utilize an L-shaped kitchen plan if you are not a fan of this style. We have observed that this design is one of the most common kitchen designs as construction contractor experts in home remodeling. Its ability to function in even small kitchens could be the cause. This is the best option if you want to add an island.

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You may depend on Pelayos Construction to remodel your home. We can fully transform your home in Edmonds, WA to better suit your tastes and lifestyle using your vision and our skills. Why are you holding out? Call us right away at (425) 380-5583.

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