3 Things You Should Discuss With Your Construction Contractor

Your Ultimate Guide in Hiring a Contractor

Saving a lot of money is an advantage when you hire a reliable construction contractor. But, before you decide to hire a certain company, it’s better to be aware of some details, like the specificities of a budget and what exactly are the services that your contractor can provide you. Here are three things you should discuss with them.


Even though the construction project will last long, the way you sign and accept the contract agreement can be detrimental to the project and cause delays or a deterioration of the contractor’s work. Your contractor is your cheerleader and will work with you, but it can be quite challenging to deal with the contractors you’re working with to complete the project on time and within budget.


It’s best to check out the contractor’s warranty policy to ensure that you know what you’re signing if you hire them. Your contractor should have a contract that details the warranty that they’ll provide for your property; however, a company that’s not licensed by your local licensing board may not have the financial strength to provide you with a warranty. Some contractors may extend a guarantee on future problems, while others may be more limited. Be sure to ask questions and understand the terms of the warranty!

Mark-Up Policy

Your mark-up policy will determine how a company prices their work and set their profit margins. It’s best to ask what their mark-up policy is and how this will impact your overall budget. Your construction contractor should work with you to determine what the mark-up rate should be. Asking this question can help you avoid potential red flags, like chicanery, which could lead to the construction project being overpriced.

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